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The washing machine that washes without water!

If the use of the washing machine is not your thing , you are denied using it because by opening the drum you will find the laundry of a completely different color from the original one, or you do not have a washing machine because you do not have space and you spend your free time in the laundry. tokens, now there may be a way out!

The solution for the washing machine misfits could be a new portable model ” Orbit ” that does not require to be connected to the water supply because it does not use water but dry ice and which, after use, you can put in the closet.

But what is this Orbit? Created by designer Elie Ahovi for Electrolux, it is still in an experimental phase but could be a possible future revolution in the world of domestic laundry, even if it is not yet a reality.

Orbit is also an ecological solution to the consumption of resources because it does not use water and detergents and washes everything in a few minutes. It exploits a chemical reaction of carbon dioxide (better known as dry ice) which is nothing but carbon dioxide in the solid state. At a certain pressure it sublimates into a gaseous form and the jet, at very high speed, causes the elimination of dirt from the clothing. After exhausting its cleaning power, the gas is transformed back into dry ice for numerous other uses.

The washing machine is powered by a circular battery inside which the basket is placed. The battery creates a magnetic field that moves the drum by attracting it to itself and then, when the resistance drops, the drum falls, this movement from top to bottom and from corner to corner, allows you to “wash” and dry the laundry.

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