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DualWash, a dishwasher that washes without water!

The ultra-technological appliances that invade our kitchens and closets, from the vacuum cleaner that aspires to the impossible to the silent and slim version washing machines, consume a lot of electricity. In the specific case of washing machines and dishwashers, the consumption of water and the amount of detergent that end up in the drain are not indifferent either.

It was this that stimulated the creativity of a group of young industrial design students from Designers Gökçe Altun, Nagihan Tuna, Pınar Şimşek and Halit Sancar, developed the concept of an ecological dishwasher within the “ Home Heroes ” program of BSH Home Appliances Corporation, a company managed by Siemens and Bosh.

Ecology and design once again go hand in hand without neglecting the aesthetic aspect. Dualwash , this is its name, looks like an elegant piece of furniture to hang on the kitchen wall, with a separate compartment where you can store the dishes. Not bulky, functional but above all green. In fact, the aspect that most impressed us about this appliance is the fact that washing takes place without the use of water and detergents .

In reality, nothing new has been invented but sublimation has simply been exploited , i.e. In this way dry ice is obtained , that is carbon dioxide in the solid state. Dualwash goes dry ice!

Dry ice cleans faster and more quietly than water, because during the sublimation process a strong pressure is unleashed which causes grease and dirt from the dishes to be swept away. It is not a toxic product, it has a bacteriostatic and fungicidal action , so it is ideal to be used for thorough washing. Let’s not forget that thanks to these properties, it has been used for years in various contexts, such as food preservation.

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