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Home appliances play primary function in the domestic life of a common person. The more we try to make our existence convenient and comfortable, the more significant the role of appliances turns out in determining our lifestyle.

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Home appliances are used in our household for various day to day functions like cooking, cleaning, exercising etc.Monsterappliances is an online business that provides you with home appliances. We offer you the best services that can make you work quick and easy. We go out of o

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1.Door step service

You can order any domestic home equipment through our website. The shipping and delivery charges are pocket friendly. You can pay us online or give us cash on delivery. If you have any problem you can consult us at our website. We make sure that the appliance is shipped safely and in a good condition.
2. Repairing Due to excessive utilization of the appliance, it can be damaged. We offer repairing service to help you repair the damaged appliance. Our team of experts have experience and skill to repair appliances.


We don’t promote or ship products without giving assurance to the customers. If the product is not working fine, you return it back in five day. We will make certain that all your needs are fulfilled. Our warranty card is given to you when the home appliance is delivered. With help of this you can claim your money back.
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Four Factors To Put Into Consideration When Applying Epoxy Floor Coatings

We all have come across epoxy floors either in real life or from the internet at some point in time. If not, you need to search it and look at how appealing it is to know what we are talking about. An epoxy floor coating has simplified the process of renovating your floor in a great way. You understand how it has been a difficult process in the past to upgrade floors because the first process was to demolish the entire floor, then start the process from scratch.

However, with the discovery of epoxy flooring, there is no need to break your floor to upgrade it. The epoxy floor can be applied above the existing floor type which may be concrete, vinyl, or tiles. This helps to save time, cost, and labour that will be applied in refurbishing your floor.

Things to consider in epoxy floor coatings

  • The underlying style

It is a common characteristic among most people that before they apply the epoxy coat, they first install an image of something they like which can be a jungle, nature, forest, animals, etc. Others will only paint with plain colour and later have the epoxy coat applied on top. Thus, there are plenty of images or colours to choose from that can further improve your room’s appearance.

  • Reflectiveness

Epoxy coating also increases the visibility of the place and discards the need to have more lights in place, saving on power bills. Moreover, the reflective property of the epoxy floor provides safety to workers of a given site by making the place more visible hence they cannot stumble over tools. Therefore, you need to choose the type of epoxy coating that has high reflective properties, especially in places with little lights.

  • Flexibility of purpose

Another great thing about epoxy coating is it can be customised according to the needs of a given place. For example, in a showroom, you can decide to have decorative finishing touches to make the place look beautiful and convenient for guests. Some areas require more of the resistant nature of the epoxy floor coatings such as in garage and washrooms because of heavy objects and moisture respectively. Thus, you must understand the exact problem that you want to handle before selecting the type of epoxy coatings to apply.

  • Chemical-resistant property

In the chemical industry, a chemical-resistant epoxy will be the best option because the floor will not corrode as a result of frequent chemical spillage. The chemical resistance property can also be applied in other areas where there is a risk of chemical corrosion.

What you need to know when hiring an epoxy coating company

  • Experience

An epoxy coating company needs to have many years of experience in applying the coating with highly experienced staff to deliver quality epoxy flooring brisbane services and to the client’s specifications.

  • License

You should also affirm that the company has been licensed to do the job because licensed companies tend to engage in legal business always and have quality materials.


4 things that add a touch of luxury in your kitchen


The kitchen is the most used place in your home where your most of the time of the day is spent. It is also considered as the heart of the home therefore, make sure you style it according to your style and needs. Moreover, if you are planning to renovate your kitchen you would definitely want to add a touch of luxury to it to make it a lovely place. However, for some people the kitchen is a place only to cook meals but for some it is so much more than that. Make sure when you plan to renovate, do it wisely and aesthetically as once it is done it is done. Mentioned below are 4 things that add a touch of luxury in your kitchen.

Epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring is one of the latest and appealing trends that most people have started following as it gives a luxurious look and many benefits. It not only makes your kitchen more functional but also adds aesthetic benefits. Moreover, epoxy flooring tends to be more durable and economical than ceramic. It is easy to manage and is slip resistant. In addition, it resists heat at some levels. Hence, expert from epoxy floor coatings perth will give your kitchen a luxurious look making it a lovely place to work at.

Touch sensitive faucet

Touch sensitive faucets are another luxury hat you can add to your kitchen to make it look aesthetically appealing.These faucets are convenient to use and are cost effective as they reduce water consumption. Moreover, if you are a chef and love to try different recipes then you would be multitasking in the kitchen and would require flexibility. In this scenario, touch sensitive faucets would work as a great option. Hence, consider having them as it adds value to your kitchen.

Domino hobs

Domino hobs are elegant which will make your kitchen look cool and beautiful. They are more convenient, flexible and efficient than the regular ceramic stoves as they operate with sensors. In addition to that, they are highly heat resistant. Moreover, you can have them in grill style if you want for barbecue. Hence, having them in your kitchen will only make your work easy and convenient. Domino hobs are a great feature to give a touch of luxury in your kitchen.

Artistic walls

Not everyone is passionate about their kitchen as much as they are about their living rooms and other rooms of the house. Love your kitchen as much as your living room. By being creative with the walls of your kitchen you can add a touch of luxury to it. Ideas like placing a chalkboard to the wall, or a painting on the wall can make it look cool. Moreover, you can hang an art piece that depicts food or nature. Placing the painting above the sink or cabinetry will also work.

This article will surely help you a lot if you want to add a touch of luxury in your kitchen. Nowadays the kitchen is so much more than just a place to cook therefore, people treat it like the way they treat their living rooms. Moreover, mentioned above are the latest trends you can follow to give your kitchen a touch of luxury.

The washing machine that washes without water!

If the use of the washing machine is not your thing , you are denied using it because by opening the drum you will find the laundry of a completely different color from the original one, or you do not have a washing machine because you do not have space and you spend your free time in the laundry. tokens, now there may be a way out!

The solution for the washing machine misfits could be a new portable model ” Orbit ” that does not require to be connected to the water supply because it does not use water but dry ice and which, after use, you can put in the closet.

But what is this Orbit? Created by designer Elie Ahovi for Electrolux, it is still in an experimental phase but could be a possible future revolution in the world of domestic laundry, even if it is not yet a reality.

Orbit is also an ecological solution to the consumption of resources because it does not use water and detergents and washes everything in a few minutes. It exploits a chemical reaction of carbon dioxide (better known as dry ice) which is nothing but carbon dioxide in the solid state. At a certain pressure it sublimates into a gaseous form and the jet, at very high speed, causes the elimination of dirt from the clothing. After exhausting its cleaning power, the gas is transformed back into dry ice for numerous other uses.

The washing machine is powered by a circular battery inside which the basket is placed. The battery creates a magnetic field that moves the drum by attracting it to itself and then, when the resistance drops, the drum falls, this movement from top to bottom and from corner to corner, allows you to “wash” and dry the laundry.

DualWash, a dishwasher that washes without water!

The ultra-technological appliances that invade our kitchens and closets, from the vacuum cleaner that aspires to the impossible to the silent and slim version washing machines, consume a lot of electricity. In the specific case of washing machines and dishwashers, the consumption of water and the amount of detergent that end up in the drain are not indifferent either.

It was this that stimulated the creativity of a group of young industrial design students from Designers Gökçe Altun, Nagihan Tuna, Pınar Şimşek and Halit Sancar, developed the concept of an ecological dishwasher within the “ Home Heroes ” program of BSH Home Appliances Corporation, a company managed by Siemens and Bosh.

Ecology and design once again go hand in hand without neglecting the aesthetic aspect. Dualwash , this is its name, looks like an elegant piece of furniture to hang on the kitchen wall, with a separate compartment where you can store the dishes. Not bulky, functional but above all green. In fact, the aspect that most impressed us about this appliance is the fact that washing takes place without the use of water and detergents .

In reality, nothing new has been invented but sublimation has simply been exploited , i.e. In this way dry ice is obtained , that is carbon dioxide in the solid state. Dualwash goes dry ice!

Dry ice cleans faster and more quietly than water, because during the sublimation process a strong pressure is unleashed which causes grease and dirt from the dishes to be swept away. It is not a toxic product, it has a bacteriostatic and fungicidal action , so it is ideal to be used for thorough washing. Let’s not forget that thanks to these properties, it has been used for years in various contexts, such as food preservation.

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